About Us

Welcome to the Türkiye – European Union Financial Cooperation website.

Directorate General for Financial Cooperation and Project Implementation of the Directorate for EU Affairs carries out necessary coordination as well as programming, implementation, monitoring & evaluation activities for the effective use of Instrument for Pre-accession (IPA) Funds provided by the European Union, the Union Programmes and Cross Border Cooperation Programmes in which Türkiye participates. 

The website aims to serve as the main source regarding whole information on the Türkiye-EU Financial Cooperation via promoting and giving information about cooperation tools such as IPA, Union Programmes and Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes. 

One of the novelties of the website is the joint calendar which is showing the important events and developments within the scope of financial cooperation. Also, you can follow current developments, events and news via signing up for the e-bulletin with your e-mail.

Furthermore, the website is linked to the “IPAdemi” learning portal which is dedicated to raise awareness and knowledge about the IPA. By using this portal, you can learn about Türkiye –EU Financial Cooperation via short videos about the various topics such as Result Oriented Monitoring and Project Cycle Management can be watched in the IPAdemi section. 

If you have any comments or suggestions on regarding the website, you may send them to  ipawebcalisma@ab.gov.tr