In order to prevent disasters and increase the level of preparedness within the scope of the Programme, a significant increase of 3 billion euros was made in the budget of the Mechanism, in the period of 2021-2027.

Türkiye’s Participation in the Programme

Türkiye has been participating in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, whose general purpose is to strengthen cooperation in the field of civil protection between participating states in order to prevent disasters, improve disaster preparedness and response since 2016. The Board of EU Programmes and Agencies decided to continue to participate in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism Programme (UCPM) with its decision on October 27, 2020.

The national coordinator of the Programme in Türkiye is the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD).

What is EU Civil Protection Mechanism?

Civil Protection Mechanism, which was established in October 2001 and is under the General Directorate of Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid of the European Commission (DG ECHO), aims to strengthen cooperation and solidarity in the field of civil The European Commission plays a key role in coordinating disaster response worldwide, contributing at least 75% of the transport and/or operational costs of assignments.

Why is it Important?

Disasters have NO borders and can AFFECT one or more countries at once without warning.

Having a well-coordinated joint response tool means having a single contact point rather than multiple addressees, where national authorities fail.

A common approach,

It helps bring together the expertise and capacities of first responders, avoid duplication of relief efforts, and ensure that aid meets the needs of those affected.

It enables a stronger and more coherent joint response, bringing together civil protection capacities and capabilities.

In addition to EU countries, there are currently 6 participating states in the Mechanism (Iceland, Norway, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Türkiye). . Since its inception in 2001, the EU Civil Protection Mechanism has responded to more than 540 requests for aid within and outside the EU.

Prevention and Preparation Projects in Civil Protection

The EU Civil Protection Mechanism co-finances projects that support the efforts of member and participating states in disaster preparedness and prevention.

Disasters caused by natural and humane hazards, war, acts of terrorism, technological, radiological and environmental accidentshave no boundaries. Experience shows that cooperation in the field of civil protection between European countries makes prevention and preparedness more effective and ultimately protects lives and economies.

Through prevention and preparedness projects, the EU facilitates cooperation towards two common goals between the 27 EU Member States, as well as Iceland, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, the Republic of North Macedonia and Türkiye.

Protecting people, environment, property and cultural heritage against disasters

Increasing the level of disaster preparedness and responding to emergencies quickly and efficiently

Funding opportunities are provided through annual calls for proposals that assist civil protection authorities and their partners in developing actions for disaster risk management. Within the scope of the Programme, there are 2 types of financing and grants are given for single-state (track 1) or multi-state (track 2) projects.

Track 1: Single Country Grants

These grants are provided under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism’s action “Aid for Member States in the Preparation and Implementation of Disaster Risk Management Actions”.

This financing track provides financial support to national civil protection authorities of member and participating states to develop strategic activities (including feasibility studies, proposals, policies and plans) to strengthen investments for greater disaster risk management impact.

Track 2: Multi-Country Grants

These grants are provided within the scope of the Mechanism’s action “Civil Protection and Marine Pollution Prevention and Preparation Projects”.

This financing track supports multi-state partnerships aiming to enhance cooperation in disaster preparedness and prevention among member and participating states, EU neighboring countries and non-participating enlargement countries.

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