Common Cultural Heritage: Preservation and Dialogue Between Turkey and the EU – Phase II

Priority area

Democracy and Governance / Civil Society


Ministry of Culture and Tourism


30 months
2019 – 2021

EU contribution (Euro)


Brief description of the project and main objectives

Within the scope of the program, the restoration of Sinop Historical Prison will be completed and a grant program will be carried out to develop dialogue in the field of culture and arts.


Restoration area is Sinop, though the grant program covers whole Turkey.

Achievements / expected outputs

With the grant program with a total budget of 3 million Euro; it is aimed to develop international cooperation on cultural heritage and promote cultural values in Turkey; encourage civil society dialogue through culture, art and cultural heritage. In this context, it is aimed to promote cross-border cooperation and support networks in the fields of culture and art including creative sectors and cultural heritage issues among civil society organisations in Turkey and the EU.