Promoting Youth Employment in TRC3 Region

Priority area



Tigris Development Agency (DİKA)


Technical Assistance-36 months

Supply-4 months

EU contribution (Euro)


Brief description of the project and main objectives

To increase the vocational skills of young people in TRC3 Region and promote their integration into the labour market through conducting vocational and entrepreneurship training activities, guidance and counselling services.


Achievements / expected outputs

Increasing the skill levels of young people through vocational training on various topics and improving the policy-making capacities of the local actors/stakeholders in order to promote youth employment in TR3 region.
Improving the institutional capacity of Tigris Development Agency, as well as Siirt, Batman, Şırnak and Mardin Artuklu Universities in the field of youth employment.
Improving the physical capacity of Public Education Centers in Mardin, Batman, Siirt and Şırnak through supply of relevant equipment.