Technical Assistance for Improving the Awareness of Food Processing Sector and Farmers in terms of EU Environmental and Hygiene Standards and IPARD Support

Priority area

Agriculture and Rural Development


Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


14 months
September 2018 – November 2019

EU contribution (Euro)


Brief description of the project and main objectives

It is to strengthen the knowledge of food processing enterprises and farmers on European environmental and hygiene standards, including those relating to the equipment to be used and the structural principles to be complied with.



Achievements / expected outputs

Examining EU standards and country legislation on food hygiene and environmental protection together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and other relevant institutions and organizations
Setting environmental standards in the context of sub-sectors
Needs analysis to reach EU standards
Subjecting food businesses and farmers to gap analysis in terms of EU legislation on the mentioned issues
Creating training programs and action documents based on needs and gap analysis
Providing trainings to IPARD agency experts in order to lead in environmental and hygiene issues with promotional activities to be organized for food businesses and farmers
Preparation of brochures and promotional materials for the preparation of project proposals in both the IPARD II program and EU standards in the field of environment and hygiene
Increasing the awareness of EU food hygiene and environmental standards among farmers and food operators in Turkey