Technical Assistance for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Support for the Municipalities and Universities

Project area

Renewable energy and improving energy efficiency

Project manager

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

Partner institutions

Municipalities and Universities


18 months- April 16, 2019- October 15, 2021

EU contribution (euro)


Brief description of the project and main objectives

Supporting renewable energy (RE) studies and energy efficiency (EE) efforts in municipalities and universities.


Ankara and selected provinces with universities and municipalities which will be determined later in the project.

Achieved results / expected outputs

Provide training and study visits to municipalities and universities for investments in RE and EE
Site visits of municipalities and universities for investments in RE and EE
Preparation of procurement documents for pilot projects and provision of technical support
Provide R&D support to universities in the fields of RE and EE
Increasing the capacity of municipalities and universities in RE and EE applications
Increasing the use of RE and EE applications in municipalities and universities
Supporting R&D related to ER and EE applications